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Timely Water Damage Carpet Restoration

Yesterday we got firsthand experience of how it feels when water enters your home on its own without any intimation. The washing machine overflowed and the entire home had to face the consequences. Thanks to Adelaide Wide Cleaning Services who sent their professional team in just one phone call to save our carpets from complete damage. They also restored the damaged carpets and cleaned them properly to avoid any risks of infections or health hazards. Thank you so much.
- - Liam Dunn

Upholstery Stain Removal

My cat had spoiled my favorite love seat and that is when I had to call Adelaide Wide Cleaning Services. I had heard a lot about their upholstery cleaning services and this time I got to see it with my own eyes. The stains were removed like a magic and I could not comprehend how a simple looking cleaning solution can clean such tough stains from upholstery. Whatever! These guys know what they do and they do in the best possible way. Lovely upholstery stain removal service.
- - Ryan Roennfeldt

No false assurance, just hard work.

Excellent service provided over the phone and in the house. There was no communication barrier which I have experienced with others. Just call Adelaide Wide Cleaning Services and leave it up to them to clean. They are worth hiring. The process is very smooth and the price is reasonable. No false assurance, just hard work. Thank you guys.
- Ledger

Top-Notch Services

Was recommended Adelaide Cleaning Service by a friend. They did an awesome job on the couch ridding it of odours and stains. Would recommend!
- Sid

Mind blowing carpet cleaning by Adelaide Wide Cleaning Services

The carpet cleaning was amazing by Adelaide Wide Cleaning Services as it made my carpet good as new. There are many companies of carpet cleaning in our locality. However, Adelaide Wide Cleaning Services is the only one which can wash any type of carpet on time.
- Lio

Amazing Experience with Upholstery Cleaning

Adelaide Wide Cleaning Services delivered an amazing experience of upholstery cleaning a few days ago. All the sofas and couches have got an almost new look and feel. They smell great and all stains are gone. It is like restoring the upholstery at such an affordable cost. Amazing!
- - Dean Gazelle

Unbelievable Rug Cleaning Services

Rug Cleaning involves removal of dust and dirt particles from the rug. When we try household remedy to do the task, it does not remove them from the root. Hence we are not able to get a fresh clean rug free from dirt and smell. Don’t attempt to do the task by your own, you may land up to a great danger. Try out Adelaide Wide Cleaning Services! Hiring Adelaide Wide Cleaning Services is the best way to resolve your Rug Cleaning problem. Adelaide Wide Cleaning Services have trained professionals with advanced technique to deal with the problem.
- James

Amazing Experience

Earlier I was skeptical about their services but once I went to them, my opinion changed. Well and Polite staff and professionalism is rarely seen now a days
- Parvesh taneja

They simply rock.

My grand father’s recliner chair was stained with body oils and sweat. It has not been cleaned in the last 8 years until the dirt and stain is visible in the last few months. I read good review on Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide. So thought of giving them a try. Oh God! I can not believe without much soaking in water they cleaned our old recliner chair. Now grandpa is on top of the world for his chair to look new. Thanks you Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide. Guys you can always go for them. They simply rock.
- Tony

Perfect Answer for The Water Damages

I would totally prescribe Adelaide Wide Cleaning Services to all, who are looking for the master help for water harm place flood reclamation service. I need to tell they are masters in giving proficient services. Their service was practical as well. Much thanks to you so much guys!!' you are the best in town.
- Harry

Happy with Carpet Water Damage Restoration

We are very happy with carpet water damage restoration service provided to us last season by Adelaide Wide Cleaning Services. I suggested your name to my cousin and even he got his carpets restored from water damage yesterday. They also had a nice experience and thus I decided to share my review here for everyone to know where to go in case of a water-damaged carpet! Adelaide Wide Cleaning Services is the best place to get your carpets restored when water damages them.
- - Mathew Johnston

”Amazing Service”

We called Adelaide Wide Cleaning Services to clean leather couch at our place. They did an amazing cleaning job. I am really happy with their work. The team is very dedicated and works excellently. My leather couch looks beautiful and new. Thanks Adelaide Wide Cleaning Services team. I highly recommend them to everyone.
- Lincoln Lewis

Very professional

The team is very professional and honest. when my carpet was dirty last week. so I called the carpet cleaning company. Adelaide Wide Cleaning Services the team came and start the clean my carpet. at the end of the day, I saw the carpet is clean and fresh and its look like new brand. I am happy.
- Dylan Amy

Stunningly Clean Upholstery by Adelaide Wide Cleaning Services

When you are using a piece of furniture for more than 12 years, you don’t expect much from the cleaning services. However, Adelaide Wide Cleaning Services changed our way of thinking with their wonderful upholstery cleaning services. They came in to clean our upholstery (12 years old) last Monday and it looks absolutely stunning now. What a dramatic change! It looks so clean and so fresh. Thanks a lot.
- - Fraser Brown