How To Dry Your Flooded Carpet Effectively

The first thing your water flooded carpet requires is to dry completely & quickly. This is also the most important work of every carpet flood water damage restoration process. The experts know this fact and equipped with different types of drying method which dry your carpet 100%.

dry your flooded carpet effectively
dry your flooded carpet effectively

Let’s Discover Some of These Techniques of the Experts Which May Help You During Emergencies

  1. Electricity Cut Off: –

    Electricity can be very deadly if submerged by the flood water. You will experience an electric shock if walk over the charged flood water. Cut your electric connection off before starting water removing & drying process. It is not a good idea to enter into the water when all your electricity wire & switches are wet along with the carpet. Don’t take a risk and walk over the water without rubber shoes & gloves even you cut off your electricity connection.
  2. Detect the Water Source: –

    There is an epicenter from where all the flood water supply to your home. There is maximum damage done at this epicenter or source of the flood water. To make dry of the carpet first stop the water flow of your house. Never start the drying process until there is a continuous flow of water through the source. It is also not a good idea to initiate the drying process if there is rain outside as the sun rays & dry climate is essential for the drying process.
  3. Clean the Appliances: –

    You cannot dry your wet carpet until you remove your carpet completely & uninstall from the floor to place outside under sunlight. There may be so many appliances, equipment & furniture over the flooded carpet. These appliances need to shift to other unaffected house or go outside for better & effective drying process. Never shift the damage items like paper documents, cardboards & other water dissolve materials as these have no further use is possible.
  4. Water Extraction: –

    Make sure the water flow to the room has ceased completely after the water extraction process should be started. For better and complete water extraction of the water in Carpet Flood Water Damage Restoration in Adelaide process, you have to use some very modern pumps & machine to eradicate the water as well as the damp from the carpet. The water extraction process is also known as dehumidifying.
  5. Effective Drying: –

    For effective drying of your carpet, you need to remove it completely from home. The drying event is not restricted to the carpet only. The floor & side wall also need to dry properly before reinstalling the carpet again. Use high-speed fans and heat emerging machine to dry the carpet & floors quickly. The carpet pad made from foam or fibers is also required to be dry completely after the water damage.

Whom to Trust?

When you are doing all the above process to dry your carpet after a water flood there is hardly any problem found in future unless an improper drying carpet may cause serious mold & another carpet related problem after few days of your restoration process with the help of Adelaide Wide Cleaning Services.

Sharbel is a certified professional for carpet cleaning and related jobs. The first step of his work is to thoroughly inspect the property for finding the problems. He can clean and remove the source of damage to your carpets like stains, moulds and others.