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Get you upholstery and rugs clean and hygienic with Angle Vale Wide Cleaning Services’s cleaning services in Angle Vale!

About Us

Angle Vale Wide Cleaning Services’s team isthe most experienced upholstery and rug cleaning experts in Angle Vale. We have the experience and knowledge of how to do a fantastic job when cleaning your upholstery and rugs. We are approved cleaners major protection plans which helps in keeping your upholstered items look best.

We offer you with best cleaning services in Adelaideand its suburbs under these two categories:

  1. Upholstery Cleaning Angle Vale
  2. Rug Cleaning Angle Vale

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery:At Angle Vale Wide Cleaning Services, we are experts at cleaning all the types of upholstered furniture. Whether it is made up of finest of fabrics or leather, we can clean them all with guaranteed satisfaction. The cleaning process is executed at your place only whether it is your home or office, so that you can use it the same day.

Our two-step upholstery cleaning system includes a specially formulated pH-balancing fiber rinse that removes cleaning solution residue right along with the deep-down dirt – leaving nothing behind but clean and fresh fabric and furniture. We, at Angle Vale Wide Cleaning Services are authorized service providers for all major protection plans and we will keep you in obedience with the requirements of your warranty.

Rug: At Angle Vale Wide Cleaning Services, we are experts in cleaning your rugs. Whether your rug is made up of manmade fibre, cotton, silk, wool, Persian, oriental or an antique, we ensure you to give great results. We know your rug cleaning needs completely.

We have the latest equipment and an eco-friendly rain water system to provide you a professionally clean rug. We are responsibleand have many years of experience in this area. Whatever rug you have, we guarantee that it will not be damaged by our traditional cleaning methods. Though our cleaning is intense but it is gentle on your rug fabric. We have dedicatedmachinery to remove dry soil, dust and fine particles by means of Angle Vale Wide Cleaning Services’s pneumatic cleaning processes. We have got a vibrating system to shake your rug gently so that deep in ground dirt and soil that often gets tangled between the fibre of your rug can be removed thoroughly. Also, we offer traditional rug bathing and washing processes which are successful with urine smells and stains of animals.

upholstery-cleaning Our rug centrifuge machine is the only one in Angle Vale at this stage, we feel proud to have this machine as it enables us to clean your rug to the highest standard. You will also find that our rug laundry also has a high tech rain water catchment and filtrations system. Our water softening assists in the cleaning of the rugs dramatically as well as being kind to the environment. We take pridein our low carbon footprint and we are passionate about the environment. We also have rug drying room to get your rugs dried fast. About our team: The team, at Angle Vale Wide Cleaning Services, has a hard working and experienced cleanerswho give importanceto quality and finished product. We are completely honest about your upholstery, rug and our cleaning process. We are good at what we do. Angle Vale Wide Cleaning Serviceshas developed and enhanced the cleaning services and cleaning techniques since no_of_year. Our professional cleaners are fully trained to ensure that your furniture remains safe and that you have total peace of mind.

For more information about rug and upholstery cleaning services in Angle Vale contact us at 1300 053 255. You will find that Angle Vale Wide Cleaning Services cleaners are an accommodating business who will help you without any doubt because customer satisfaction is our utmost aim. Weprovide you service to drop your rug at your place or location near you and pick it up from the same location if you are not able to reach our rug cleaning laundry.

Upholstery cleaning Angle Vale

Angle Vale Wide Cleaning Services’s process for upholstery cleaning:

We, at Angle Vale Wide Cleaning Services, when get a call from you, our professional cleaners start your upholstery care at the same time following these steps:

Step 1: Pre-inspection: To identify problem areas, a pre-inspection is done by our certified cleaners. They pre-treat all spills, stains and soils with the appropriate cleaning agents because each will require specific chemistry.

Step2: Cleaning: Angle Vale Wide Cleaning Services’s special upholstery cleaning solutions are applied to the fabric and gently agitated into the fiber to loosen the imbedded soil and stains.

Step 3: Rinse: This step is followed by a thorough fiber rinse and extraction to remove the dirt along with the cleaning solution.

We can clean lounge suites, dining chairs, recliners, mattresses and most upholstered items. We use a 3 or 4 stage “hot water extraction” method for carpet or upholstery cleaning


This is the best recommended method of cleaning upholstery in Angle Vale. It is generally a 3-4 stage process depending upon the type of fabric.

STAGE 1: At this stage, the upholstery is checked for colorfastness on an unremarkable part of the couch.If the technician feels that there may be any prospective problems with the fabric, thenthe upholstery is vacuumed thoroughly to remove as maximum possible dry soil.

STAGE 2: At stage 2, the upholstery is pre-treated with a solvent to break up any built up oils from the contact areas like head, hands and legs. On upholstery, these are always considered as problem areas as it contacts with the skin and hair.

STAGE 3: The upholstery at this stage is then sprayed with a ph-balanced non foaming cleaning solution and worked through the fabric with a microfiber upholstery cleaning glove. This process will loosen up the soils and puts them in solution which is ready for extraction with the hand tool.

STAGE 4: At stage 4, we use a steam cleaning machine and a hand tool, and the upholstery is then “hot water extracted”. The narrow nozzle of the hand tool ensures a concentrated vacuum that removes moisture and dirt which results in fast drying with fresh, cleanand hygienicupholstery.

Features of Angle Vale Wide Cleaning Services’s Upholstery cleaning

Professional cleaning by Angle Vale Wide Cleaning Services can bring life back to your Upholstery and draperies. We offer you two methods of cleaning:

a. Hot Water Extraction System.

b. Lambrite Dry Cleaning.

We, at Angle Vale Wide Cleaning Services, also offer you with the following Features in cleaning:

1. Durable Fabrics

Our hot water extraction system lifts months of dirt and odours out of your upholstery and furniture. Theseharsh particles also damage your upholstery. We offer you cleaning of your upholstery and draperies without being removed from your home. It is recommendedto have professional cleaning after every six months to lengthen the life of your furnishings.upholstery-cleaning-8

2. Delicate Fabrics

Angle Vale Wide Cleaning Servicesoffers you with our Lambrite dry cleaning process to safely clean even the most delicate fabrics. With this process, soil and stains are gently lifted out and your furnishings and draperies get dried within few minutes.

3. Leather and Vinyl Restoration

Expensive leather stuffs also needed to be regularlycleaned followed by Leather Restoration to help increase the life of the leather and maintain it in a clean and healthy state.

Though vinyl is long-lasting but it responds to a regular application of Vinyl Restoration Solution.

4. Curtain, Drapes, Pelmets and Swags and Tails

These can be cleaned without being removed from your home using either our Hot Water Extraction System or Lambrite Dry Cleaning technique. This is the best way to maintain upholstered pelmets, swags, tails etc.

5. Odour Removal

Angle Vale Wide Cleaning Services offers an exclusive BIOSWEEP technology that rapidly and permanently removes unwanted odoursalong with bacteria and viruses from all soft furnishings.

Rug cleaning Angle Vale

Angle Vale Wide Cleaning Services’s process for rug cleaning:

We at Angle Vale Wide Cleaning Services, when get a call from you, our technicians start your rug care in the following way:

For rug cleaning, we have our specialized rug cleaning factory with latest equipment. Each rug will be cleaned accordingly taking into account its requirements and special care instructions listed on the label (if applicable). Our rug cleaning plant is custom designed as a professional rug cleaning and washing facility capable of providing specialist cleaning for all types of rugs:upholstery-cleaning-2

  • Oriental,
  • Persian,
  • Turkish,
  • Chinese,
  • Moroccan,
  • Navajo,
  • Tribal,
  • Handmade,
  • Machine Made,
  • Shag Pile.

Modern Era Rugs:

  • Wool,
  • Cotton,
  • Silk,
  • Synthetic & More.

Angle Vale Wide Cleaning Services’s specialized procedure includes following steps:

Step 1: Pre-cleaning process:Pneumatic pressure cleaning: This method is designed to eliminate fine dust particles and airbornecontaminants. Some of the rugs are also pre-cleaned using a traditional industrial vibration machine which is used for making the rug to vibrate upside down and shake the sand particles out from deep from within the rug. We also integrate traditional methods in our cleaning process like vacuum cleaning, hot water extraction(steam cleaning)etc. After washing is complete, chemical removal and high volume rinsing are carefully applied to each rug.
Step 2: Drying Process: We, at Angle Vale Wide Cleaning Services, have a drying room which is well-equipped with state of the art including climate controls, de-humidification and heating equipment. Here, rugs are dried flat instead of hung up to dry as some rugs may go out of shape if hung up while wet.

Step 3: Urine treatment processes: Stains of urine can be very difficult to remove but we have some of the best products and equipment available to clean. In some rugs, urine patches may not be clearly visible on the surface of the carpet and sometimes these stains can be seen on the back of the carpet.If urine stains are not visible to the naked eye, we use our ultra violet light and special eye wear which will highlight the exact spot where the urine is located. This allows us to figure out the problem areas and gives our treatment anexact target zone for maximum effectiveness. We use Urine pre spray to soften the urine salts and break down the urine so that it is easier to flush away the urine contamination during the cleaning processes. In many cases, we use a huge volume of rinsingfluid to flush the area. Step 4: Yellow urine stains: In most of the cases, the discoloration cannot be removed but this may not be known until treatment is complete. Our product must be applied post cleaning and often needs to be reapplied multiple times before any result is attained. This action will increase the turnaround time of the rug quite significantly. Since it is not possible to predict the results prior to treatment, as such we cannot guarantee for urine stain removal.

Step 4: Odour treatments: Angle Vale Wide Cleaning Services has three different treatments available to remove strong smells associated with urine problems. We use products that will attack the bacteria causing the smell rather than a perfume masking agent. This process also increases the turnaround time but produces great results. Once cleaning is complete, these treatments must be applied. In some of the cases, the succeeding treatment is necessary to reduce the odour to a satisfactory level. We cannot guarantee complete odour removal butyes, we offer excellent results.

Step 5: Protector/ Scotchguard:There are many other brands of surface protectors available in the market these days. The most important point is to have the rug thoroughly cleaned and prepared correctly. This also means to have the depositremoved from any cleaning chemicals so as to allow a strong bond to the fibre.


What PROTECTOR does? upholstery-cleaning

  • It creates a coating on the surface of the fibre to resist soiling.
  • It helps in the delaying of general dust due to the smooth coating on the fibre
  • It slows down the penetration of spills directly into the fibre which will allow you to clean up one more time before the spill soaks in completely and causes a stain.

What PROTECTOR does not?

  • It does not completely stop staining to occur.
  • It does not automatically clean up a roll for you.You may need to absorb it and treat it as normal.
  • It does not change the look of the rug or the fabric

Step 6: Pick Up and Delivery Service: We encourage customers to bring their rugs to us for cleaning.However if you are busy or is inconvenient to you, we provide a regular weekly pick up and re-delivery service to Angle Vale and all its suburbs for an additional charge.

Why floor rugs should be cleaned professionally?

Here are listed few reasons to get your rugs cleaned professionally:

  1. Dirt, dust and grit can be softlyshuddered out using the latest International Rug Badger Pro technology.
  2. Color run testing is done to determine best cleaning method to use to eliminate or minimize dye run.
  3. Spot and Stain management can be executed more than once to provide the best possible stain treatment.
  4. At Angle Vale Wide Cleaning Services’s Rug careservice, we select the best cleaning method for your rug:
  • Wet Wash full immersion cleaning.
  • Hygienic steam cleaning.
  • Hot, warm or cold water extraction.
  • Lambrite Dry Cleaning process.
  • Encapsulation cleaning.
  1. Fringes can be hand cleaned separately.
  2. Thorough rinsing of washed rugs makes sure to completely remove soap residues which is notpossible at homes.
  3. Rug drying racks facilitates quick drying of rugs.
  4. HEPA Filter vibrating final vacuuming of the pile extracts fine particles of dust or bugs or allergens.
  5. If we are not happy with our initial cleaning, we will re-process the rug at no charge to make sure that the rug has been cleaned to the best possible standard.


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