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Rug quote

Hi please quote on full immersion clean of a hand knotted silk rug 1.8 x 2.7. Thanks

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Coach Cleaning Quote

I have a three seater, two recliners and a futon to be cleaned in the mawson lakes district can I have a quote please

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Sofa Cleaning

Quote for a couch to be cleaned. Or specifically one spot where nail polish has been spilt. Would prefer not to have whole couch cleaned just damaged area. For a spot clean. 3 seater blue old sofa soft velvet like material

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Quote for Carpet Cleaning

Hi could you please send me a quote for: -carpet cleaning of 1 room approx 4m X 7m -mattress cleaning of 1 Queen mattress with grease stain from move

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couch cleaning

Hi I have a 3 seater and 2 single chairs that I just picked up and would like cleaned as they smell of cigarette smoke. How much approximately would it cost?

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