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Adelaide Wide Cleaning Services is a leading name in a cleaning and home improvement companies in Adelaide. Working in the field for about 10 years, we have built a reputation of one of the most reliable cleaning firms in the city. The major services we offer include carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and flood damage restoration. No matter how dirty and damaged your belongings are, our experts are capable of cleaning them to perfection. Contact our 24/7 active customer care team and avail our services on the same day of booking.

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Carpet Cleaning Adelaide
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Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide

Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide

Revive your precious upholstery with our affordable upholstery cleaning services in Adelaide. We are Adelaide Wide Cleaning – a renowned company with over 20 years of industry experience.

Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Clean carpets on your mind? Come to Adelaide Wide Cleaning Services for affordable carpet cleaning solutions. Whether it is a carpet at your home or the one at your office, you need professional experts to keep it clean.

Flood Damage Restoration Adelaide

Flood Damage Restoration Adelaide

Restoration of carpets damaged by water is one of our specialties. We have an individual department for water damage carpet restoration that delivers carpet water restoration, carpet flood restoration, and carpet sanitizing services.

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Timely Water Damage Carpet Restoration

Yesterday we got firsthand experience of how it feels when water enters your home on its own without any intimation. The washing machine overflowed and the entire home had to face the consequences. Thanks to Adelaide Wide Cleaning Services who sent their professional team in just one phone call to save our carpets from complete damage. They also restored the damaged carpets and cleaned them properly to avoid any risks of infections or health hazards. Thank you so much.
- - Liam Dunn

They simply rock.

My grand father’s recliner chair was stained with body oils and sweat. It has not been cleaned in the last 8 years until the dirt and stain is visible in the last few months. I read good review on Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide. So thought of giving them a try. Oh God! I can not believe without much soaking in water they cleaned our old recliner chair. Now grandpa is on top of the world for his chair to look new. Thanks you Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide. Guys you can always go for them. They simply rock.
- Tony

Very professional

The team is very professional and honest. when my carpet was dirty last week. so I called the carpet cleaning company. Adelaide Wide Cleaning Services the team came and start the clean my carpet. at the end of the day, I saw the carpet is clean and fresh and its look like new brand. I am happy.
- Dylan Amy

Perfect Answer for The Water Damages

I would totally prescribe Adelaide Wide Cleaning Services to all, who are looking for the master help for water harm place flood reclamation service. I need to tell they are masters in giving proficient services. Their service was practical as well. Much thanks to you so much guys!!' you are the best in town.
- Harry
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